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This on-line repository provides a publication outlet for 47 theoretical and review papers on the science of personality. Some papers present original theories that take account of existing research and have testable consequences; other papers describe and evaluate an existing personality research program.

Unless agreed upon in advance, all contributors should be students taking a course with the editor. Readers should remember that these are papers by students, not psychologists, and they are not meant to replace sound clinical advice. Submission guidelines are available. Submitted manuscripts are subjected to peer review by undergraduate students; final decisions regarding publication are made by the editor. Accepted manuscripts are circulated for peer commentary, also by students; these commentaries are published with the target paper and author's response. The papers herein should reward reading by anyone interested in theory and research in personality.

Also available, for contributors, is advice on Writing Articles. Also available, for visitors, are the Personality Tests.

































Last modified November 2005

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